Heilung Durch MuSIC - Compilation
Mu[SIC] | modul8.007
1 Das Bierbeben - Im Kreis
2 Elektro Willi und Sohn -
Das Knacken in der Rille
3 Holz - Digital
4 Saal-C - Kamtschatka
5 bell mondo - The Round
(The Tape Remix)
6 Apparat - Montreal
7 Granufunk - Das Klavier & ICH
8 Litwinenko - 4th Street
9 Vredus -
Commercial Backup Remix
10 Palac - Wides
11 Alphawezen - Brigitte Bardot
12 Sir Alice -
L´Amour Made In Taiwan
13 Kidnap - Messy Household (KOOK Rockmix)
14 Tarwater feat. Bert Papenfuß
Muspilli Spezial

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01 written and produced by Thies Mynther/ Jan Müller
taken from: Das Bierbeben - Alles Fällt (cd/2x12”), Shitkatapult strike 73
published by Gold Musikverlag/ Hanseatic Musicverlag
02 written and produced by Elektro Willi und Sohn
taken from: Elektrowilli und Sohn - Töne in mein Haar EP, plays'cool 12
03 written and realtime sequenced on Game Boy sound chip by René Finken
04 written, recorded & produced by Claas Großzeit
05 written and produced by bell mondo. Remix and additional production by Robot Kock
previously unreleased/ all rights reserved
06 written and produced by Sascha Ring. taken from: Apparat - Berlin, Montreal, Tel
Aviv 12”, Shitkatapult strike 69. published by Random Noize Musick/ Freibank
07 written by Korn. published by Sonic360 Music Publishing
08 written and produced by litwinenko. published by timing music publishing/ arabella musikverlag. taken from the forthcoming album on kitty-yo
09 written and produced by Marcus Weiser, remixed by Vredus
appears on courtesy of data error
10 written and produced by Peter Prautzsch
previously unreleased/ all rights reserved/ www.peter-prautzsch.com
11 written and produced by Ernst Wawra
12 written by Alice Daquet, produced by Alice Daquet and Marc Collin
13 written and produced by Torsten Minnig, remixed by KOOK,
appears on courtesy of data error
14 written and produced by Tarwater/Papenfuß

artwork by Viola Binacchi
compiled by Friso van Daalen © Mu[SIC] 2006
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