Alphawezen - Speed of Light - EP
MOLE Listening Pearls/ iTunes EP
1 Speed Of Light
(Radio Version)
2 Speed Of Light
(Losing Weight Remix)
3 Speed Of Light
(Demo Version)
4 Speed Of Light
(Soehngen Remix)
5 Speed Of Light
(Karaoke Instrumental)
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2 remixed by Die Axt
4 remixed by Christoph Söhngen
1+5 mixed by Alex Jacobi at axtrak musiclab, Bad Aachen
Vocals by Asu. written by Ernst Wawra and Asu Yalcindag
Bass by Agnes Petkute, guitars by Norbert Bartz, Martin Lowis and Martin Rohdich
Atomium photography by Miki Patz. Produced by E. Wawra

© 2004
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